When was the last time you had a full day to yourself?

A whole day to focus on what you want most and how you can get it?

In your own VIP day, you will have a full day to yourself...to be guided, supported, and encouraged in life and business.

After having my own life changing VIP day with my mentor, my life transformed.

  • I discovered I had been engulfed in shame as a single mom
  • I realized my value and self worth and how to use it to impact the world
  • My business skyrocketed and I started making a lot more money
  • I got extremely clear on my purpose and who I’m here to serve
  • I connected with and attracted advancing people, allowing me to build relationships on a deeper level with people who really understood me and helped me advance in my own life

Imagine a whole day where you are treated the way you deserve to be treated—like the amazing woman you are—Yes, you are A.MAZ.ING-- and be able to focus on you!

Think about it… you could advance your life more in one day than you have in the past 3 months, 6 months or even the last year.

You’ll have no distractions, and me by your side, guiding and helping you every step of the way. We will clear out what’s holding you back and put a plan in place for you to start getting exactly what you want most to live empowered and with purpose, fulfillment, abundance, and love. You will Live Your Greatest Life As a Single Mom.

A VIP day is designed for single moms who are focused, determined, and driven to get fast results.

They have goals and dreams and want to achieve them like yesterday. They feel stuck and are eager to find out what’s stopping them from having everything their heart desires and more. They want to take action and need a plan moving forward to ensure they get exactly what they want including more freedom, joy, abundance, success, love, and fulfillment.

I organize my VIP days to MAXIMIZE our time together and spend energy in the area of your life or business where you need it most.

Imagine walking away from the VIP with:

  • Clarity on who you really are and how to present your authentic self in every role you have
  • A plan on how to create more freedom, joy, abundance, purpose, fulfillment, and love in your life
  • Knowing your voice and having the confidence to share it proudly
  • Realizing your value and how to ensure you get it whether at home, at work, or in relationships
  • More courage and self-worth to be confident in EVERY situation
  • Creating a newer version of yourself by releasing your fears, doubts, shame, and guilt
  • Embracing all of who you are, so you not only make your dreams come true but your kids' dreams and those around you
  • A clear career path to create more financial freedom and time to do what you love
  • Start a business or grow and expand your current business

What’s included in your full VIP day?

Whether your VIP day is focused on your personal life, professional life, or both, I tailor your day specifically to YOUR needs!

Strategies and Solutions frequently explored in VIP days

  • Uncovering how shame manifests in your life (where you don’t even know) and how to let it serve you
  • Eliminating your self-doubt and fears to break through barriers that are holding you back so you can get what you really want in life
  • Increasing your self-confidence in every role you play: woman, mom, employee, daughter, entrepreneur, ex, so you stand boldly in yourself and your power
  • Finding your voice and your value and know how to share it to create opportunities
  • Discovering your true self-worth and learn how showcase it to your family, work, relationships, and the world
  • Living empowered in your thoughts, beliefs, and actions about yourself and how you show up to be more courageous
  • Knowing you are GOOD enough as you are so you never feel inadequate again
  • Improving your current and future relationships through erasing insecurities and enhancing authentic communication
  • Allowing yourself to truly be seen (and stop hiding) and increase the respect others have for you and you have for yourself
  • Being present for yourself and your children (not focused on everything else)
  • Finding a career path that fulfills your heart
  • Starting or expanding the business of your dreams (if entrepreneurship is your desire)

Ready to book your VIP Day with me?

Pay in Full (Best Value)

$4,997 USD

2 Payments

$2,750 USD each payment

Want to make sure the VIP Day is right for you? Book a complimentary session with Jessica to get all of your questions answered.

Please only book a session if you are truly interested about having a thriving life and if you have the financial means to take part in working with me directly.

Meet Others Who Have Worked With Me

"Jessica is the real deal."

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Jessica, and she is the real deal. She helped me get to the bottom of the story I was telling myself and helped me to take a step toward the life I envision. I would highly recommend a one-on-one session with Jessica, or attending an upcoming event that she is hosting. Thank you, Jessica!

"Jessica is unlike any other mentor or coach. She thinks outside the box to change your life for the better."

Jessica is a wonderful, upbeat, and very motivating, who has walked firmly in other people's shoes. As such, she does not judge, but instead she completely understands the varied tests and trials others may face. I benefited immensely from her. She goes further than others do, thinking outside the box to give many tools to change people’s lives for the better.

"Jessica Rector and The Single Mom Movement's programs have helped me discover how to love myself."

The poignant questions she raised led to thought provoking answers to occurrences in my life. I have made choices that I should not have made. I have discovered that I must forgive myself for the choices I made that sent me down a different path, not necessarily a wrong  path. That I can forgive myself for making these choices. I need not continue to live in fear of rejection or of making another tragic mistake. That I can leave this shame of failure and rejection behind. Jessica has helped me discover I no longer need to walk in fearful darkness. It is time to step into the light brave and unafraid of what the future holds.

"You have been fantastic and knowing that I could count on your help, as well as the knowledge that you were holding me accountable, are some of the reasons why I think this program is so successful!"

I was readily able to identify with shame once I got started. I think I went in thinking that shame wasn't really one of my issues, but then, I realized that yes, I do have a lot of shame, especially wrapped up with being a single mom. Now that I know I have this shame, it's just a matter of sharing it with someone I feel safe with and working on releasing it. I'm definitely interested in the other parts of your programs, having worked my way through this shame segment. I would highly recommend you to other single mothers like me who are grappling with feelings of being stuck or unable to get exactly what they want out of their lives.

"I now know what was holding me back, so I can move forward with confidence, strength, and empowerment to thrive."

Working with Jessica brought to life something that I thought was faced and dealt with 27 years ago. I found out how wrong I was. I had my own ideas as to what was holding me back with my dreams and goals but I was not even looking in the right direction. I now am more focused, driven, and I am looking forward to using my strength and creating the life I have dreamed of, it feels warm and inviting! Thank you!

"The first thing I noticed is that I have never ever used the word shame. At first, I was a little horrified but then I realised that's exactly how I feel about my situation."

I am so aware of how I talk about my situation now and avoid using words that reflect shame and embarrassment about it. I wasn't even aware that I previously did this. I'm still working on this but I am so glad to be aware of it now! I realised I am embarrassed about it. My favourite exercise has been the shame killers steps. My best take away from your program has been the way I frame how I view my situation. I have been watching my thoughts and changing my language, and that's made a huge difference in my life.

"Remarkable! Tremendous! Life Changing!"

These are just a few of the words to describe your work. You exceeded my expectations! Your impact will extend to family, friends, and those even they come into contact with. You have a passion for giving every ounce of yourself to others. You are truly an amazing motivational woman, and I highly recommend you to anyone.

"I highly recommend Jessica!"

It is clear that Jessica has a passion for empowering others, especially single parents, to be the best they can be no matter where life takes a turn, and she is not afraid to share personal experiences to drive her message.  She was genuine, sincere, motivational and most impressive to me.  Jessica has a natural gift for being able to create a comfort zone between her and you. Thank you, Jessica!

"JessICAREctor cares for you and goes above and beyond to help, support, and gently nudge you to your greatness!"

JessICAREctor lives by her name in that she truly cares for you. This quality is reflected in everything she does. She is a highly energetic, knowledgeable and captivating, who draws on her personal life experiences to provide real solutions to life’s challenges.

"This program has really helped me. Do yourself a favor, and do it. You'll realize how awesome you are."

This reminded me that I'm not alone in this journey. I realized my shame is around not giving my kids everything I had hoped for with a big house and fancy trips. The program made me realize that I was giving them the most important thing they needed, and that was my love as their mom. Nothing material can replace the connection we have with our kids. The program has allowed me to see things in a different light and know I am doing the best I can, and there is no shame in that! If you need to think differently about the life of being a single mom, this program is a great asset to you. Thank you Jessica for standing up for single moms everywhere!

"Take one step that will change your life."

Jessica has an effervescent personality and encourages us to take that one step that could change both our business and personal lives. I would encourage anyone to work with Jessica today!