“Thank you for all that you do in your community, for daring to innovate, for dreaming big, and for finding ways to create a better tomorrow.”

First Lady of The United States Mrs. Michelle Obama

"Logging on to The Single Mom Movement website was an unintentional click but when I read the website, I had goosebumps; as how can someone actually make my frustration, my pain as her mission in life. And then, I did the most rewarding and life transformation favour to myself by connecting with you, with TSMM.

Living in Pakistan as a divorcee with two sons itself was a big challenge. Though I was having a successful career but the divorce had left scars on my soul. Every time somebody would pass an irresponsible comment to my single mom status, my scars would start bleeding. They would hurt even more when I was looked upon with sympathy... sympathy for a woman whose husband has abandoned her not because she was incapable but because of his own insecurities and failures. I wouldnt admit but deep down I was ashamed of the fact that I was given divorce and my kids will now be nurturing as a broken family.

And then a MIRACLE happened... Jessica had set up a Skype call with me, and this one call was the MIRACLE, it was like an Energy Explosion and a Celebration of myself. It left behind a rebirth of a Newer Me.

Just 20 minutes into the call and Jessica gave me the comfort of believing that I am good enough and not a scar. I shared every single bit of the causes of my divorce, I gave every single detail to Jessica ... from the daily drama to the physical abuse. Jessica encouraged me for my kids and also focused on letting me believe that I should not ashamed of myself. The ugly scars on my soul do not define me but expose the ugliness of that man and I should not hold myself responsible for his indecency.

A NEW, never before energy sparked my existence; I felt so relieved that I have someone to listen to me, who understands my pain, who knows how painful the reality pinches and yet believed in me and my dreams.

From that very call... my life started to transform. I stood up and accepted myself and valued my dreams. I understood that if I have to save my kids and nurture them into good human beings, the first & foremost thing needed is to celebrate my own existence, not be ashamed of how that one man treated me, instead look forward as what life has in store for me.

Today, I'm proud to share that not only I got my sons moved out of Pakistan and settle in Dubai, and I made successful moves in my career. I stand before the world as a Global Business Consultant for a US multinational, as an author of "Staple From The Deep", as a Life Coach for women in general but Single Moms in particular to elevate them to higher professional grades, as an Entrepreneur in UAE of my own company, Perfectibilist International and above all as a Mother of two incredible sons who take pride in the conviction of their mom to use every ounce of her strength for doing things that she believes in.

And for all this, I thank you Jessica and will always be indebted to The Single Mom Movement who had such strong energy vibes that transformed my life from thousands of miles of land and ocean that lie between us geographically.

Thank you for believing in me. Thank You for your support . Thank You for tearing apart the shell of self-ashamed existence and bringing out the REAL me. Thank You for unleashing my productivity and believing in my dreams .. sometimes you believed in my dreams more than I ever did 🙂

Cheers to this immaculate journey of transformation,

Cheers to the rebirth of a woman whose vision toward her dreams were blurred by her own imaginary self -ashamed existence."


"I appreciate your message. Single parents do a heroic job raising their children, tirelessly balancing work and family. My administration is working hard to lend a hand to single parents.”

President of The United States Mr. Barack Obama

"Thanks to Jessica and The Single Mom Movement, I've grown more in recent months than I have in the past several years combined. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jessica, and what a gift she has been! She has given me the fortitude to go for it and to keep on keepin’ on! Jessica has shared her experience and wisdom with me, while empowering me with tools for life. I would have never done it without her. She has given me accountability, ideas, and solutions allowing me to stay on course with pursing my dream and vision. Jessica has an organized system so our coaching calls are efficient and productive. I am so grateful to Jessica for sharing her knowledge and expertise with me. It’s been wonderful! Jessica ROCKS! I am sure you will be very pleased with Jessica’s work! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions."


"Jessica's expertise helped me clarify my personal and professional goals, and now I know how to achieve them. Jessica's understanding and expertise in personal growth, mindset, and life organizing have clarified my personal and professional goals and dreams (and hang ups). Because of this, I am no longer doing the same thing, expecting different results. By working with Jessica, I have gotten out of my comfort zone, stretched my options, and added the right people to my life. I am working much more on purpose, focused and time driven. Jessica continues to surprise me in her attentiveness, communication, and mentoring skills."


"I think this is fantastic. I was readily able to identify with shame once I got started. I think I went in thinking that shame wasn't really one of my issues, but then, after reading your beautiful words, I realized that yes, I do have a lot of shame, especially wrapped up with being a single mom. Now that I know I have this shame, I'm working on releasing it. I'm definitely interested in the other parts of your programs, having worked my way through this shame segment. I would highly recommend your program to other single mothers like me who are grappling with feelings of being stuck or unable to get exactly what they want out of their lives. You have been fantastic throughout this program, and knowing that I could count on your help, as well as the knowledge that you were holding me accountable, are some of the reasons why I think this program is so successful!"


"Working with Jessica brought to life something that I thought was faced and dealt with 27 years ago. I found out how wrong I was. I had my own ideas as to what was holding me back with my dreams and goals but I was not even looking in the right direction. I now am more focused, driven, and I am looking forward to using my strength and creating the life I have dreamed of, it feels warm and inviting! Thank you!"


"Jessica Rector and The Single Mom Movement's programs have helped me discover how to love myself. The poignant questions she raised led to thought provoking answers to occurrences in my life. I have made choices that I should not have made. I have discovered that I must forgive myself for the choices I made that sent me down a different path, not necessarily a wrong  path. That I can forgive myself for making these choices. I need not continue to live in fear of rejection or of making another tragic mistake. That I can leave this shame of failure and rejection behind. Taking this course has helped me discover I no longer need to walk in fearful darkness. It is time to step into the light brave and unafraid of what the future holds."

Sue Morse | Thrive by Le-Vel

"The first thing I noticed is that I have never ever used the word shame. At first, I was a little horrified but then I realised that's exactly how I feel about my situation. I am so aware of how I talk about my situation now and avoid using words that reflect shame and embarrassment about it. I wasn't even aware that I previously did this. I'm still working on this but I am so glad to be aware of it now! I realised I am embarrassed about it. My favourite exercise has been the shame killers steps. My best take away from your program has been the way I frame how I view my situation. I have been watching my thoughts and changing my language, and that's made a huge difference in my life."


Taking Jessica's program reminded me that I am not alone in this journey.  I realized my shame is around not giving my kids everything I had hoped for with a big house and fancy trips.  The program made me realize that I was giving them the most important thing they needed and that was my love as their mom.  Nothing material can replace the connection we have with our kids.  The program has allowed me to see things in a different light and know I am doing the best I can and there is no shame in that!  If you need to think differently about the life of being a single mom this program is a great asset to you.  Thank you Jessica for standing up for single moms everywhere!


"Jessica is unlike any other mentor or coach. She thinks outside the box to change your life for the better. Jessica is a wonderful, upbeat, and very motivating, who has walked firmly in other people's shoes. As such, she does not judge, but instead she completely understands the varied tests and trials others may face. I benefited immensely from her. She goes further than others do, thinking outside the box to give many tools to change people’s lives for the better."


"Remarkable! Tremendous! Life Changing! These are just a few of the words to describe your work. You exceeded my expectations! Your impact will extend to family, friends, and those even they come into contact with. You have a passion for giving every ounce of yourself to others. You are truly an amazing motivational woman, and I highly recommend you to anyone."


"I highly recommend Jessica. It is clear that Jessica has a passion for empowering others to be the best they can be no matter where life takes a turn, and she is not afraid to share personal experiences to drive her message.  She was genuine, sincere, motivational and most impressive to me.  Jessica has a natural gift for being able to create a comfort zone between her and you. Thank you, Jessica!


"Take one step that will change your life. Jessica has an effervescent personality and encourages us to take that one step that could change both our business and personal lives. I would encourage anyone to work with Jessica today!"


"JessICAREctor cares for you and goes above and beyond to help, support, and gently nudge you to your greatness. JessICAREctor lives by her name in that she truly cares for you. This quality is reflected in everything she does. She is a highly energetic, knowledgeable and captivating, who draws on her personal life experiences to provide real solutions to life’s challenges."


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