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As another year comes to an end, what gifts are you most thankful to have received this year? A tornado hit extremely close to my house this past weekend. When something like that happens, it’s not uncommon to think about things just a bit differently or to get a new perspective on what’s really important [...]

single moms voice

It’s just you…and it’s just your life. You don’t give much thought to it. You make decisions the same way you always have. You have similar relationships that you’ve always had, and you attend the same type of events. You’re just living your life. You don’t realize the decisions you make come from a certain [...]

single moms support

When was the last time you were under the weather or just plain sick? You have kiddos depending on you, and you feel like crud. All you want is to lay there and do absolutely nothing. Yet they need dinner, a diaper changed, or attention…and those are the last things you want to do. You [...]

single moms and change

  Change is good, yet most people view it as bad. It's also one of the hardest things. You get set in your ways…your routine, and then BOOM, something happens to alter all of that. It didn’t work out the way you hoped. The relationship ended. You’re let go from a job. You need to [...]

single moms share your story

Have you ever been scared that if you tell someone too much about you, he/she may not like you? When I first started The Single Mom Movement, I appealed to every single mom. I held back my opinion on a few things and was more neutral in what I thought, because I was scared people [...]

single moms fun

It’s as though it’s an unspoken rule. When you become a single mom, you take the fun out of your life. Think about it…when was the last time you really had fun. I don’t mean just a little fun…but laughing and having an incredible time kind of fun? If you’re like most single moms, it’s [...]

twist on finding your passion

You may wonder what your passion is or how you’re supposed to be living it when you don’t know how to find it? When you know your passion, you’re probably already living it. It’s not something you can run away from, because it is always right there. Whereas, if you’re like millions of other single [...]

Today is my birthday! WOOOO HOOO!!! Happy birthday to me J I had the best laid plans set for today. I was going to have a two hour, yes—2 hour massage, pedicure, and shopping. Then at night, I was going to a girls’ night out. I was so excited about today. To tell you the [...]

single moms great life

If you're anything like me, you may not really believe in manifesting things. What does it mean anyway? Does it really work? Can single moms manifest they life you want? So you want things to change? You want to live your dreams. You want to fulfill your passion and purpose. You want to speak on [...]

Do your doubts sometimes get the best of you? Do you second guess a decision once you made it? Do you wonder if you’re doing things “right?” It’s easy to think these things when you don’t have a partner to share your questions or insights with. It’s easy to get caught up in the “Ifs.” [...]

single moms rejectsion

You put your heart and soul on the line not knowing what the outcome will be. You aren’t sure if it’s going to be a “Yes” or the every-dreaded “No.” I remember when I was younger and wanted a friend to spend the night. I would go over and over in my mind about asking [...]

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